The Government of Argentina encourages the use of Bitcoin?

Recently the Argentine government published something that seemed to encourage Argentines to use Bitcoin. They even said that it could be used as a payment method. However, a few hours after it was published, the post was deleted. It was originally available at this link.

What did the post say?

With this publication, it seemed that the moments when the Argentine State advised the population not to use Bitcoin and cryptomonas had passed. Specifically, through the Central Bank these declarations against digital currencies had been made in 2014.

At that time, there was a statement from that entity saying that Bitcoin and „virtual currencies“ were risky and lacked support. In addition, they stressed that because they were not issued by that agency or by similar institutions in other countries, they were not acceptable.

The article, which was only present for a few hours on the website, acknowledged that crypto-currencies „are a type of digital currency that can be used to save, buy and sell over the Internet. This website is known to be a point of contact between citizens and different organizations of the Argentine State.

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What other things were highlighted here?
The highlight of this article was that it said „they can be used like any other payment method, but their use is not regulated by governments or financial institutions. However, the fact that it is recognized on a website has no real implications for Argentine law.

In addition to recognizing Bitcoin as a currency, the article offered a brief explanation of what the Blockchain is, the miners (or „the cryptoscribers“ according to the article), among other things. Then it talked about the „more than 2000 cryptomonies“ that exist, among which they mentioned Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Monero, XRP, IOTA, etc.

Finally, they even commented on the channels to acquire cryptomonies. These were called „official operators“, among which Binance and CryptoMKT stood out.

The article was hosted within the section „With you in the Web“. It belongs to the space of the Ministry of Justice and Human Rights, within the multipurpose site

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What is the status of the crypto currencies in Argentina?
This organization demands two requirements to consider an instrument as a currency: the issuer of the instrument must impose its legal course and the existence of a nominal value fixed to the instrument. For the Argentine State, Bitcoin Lifestyle is not a currency, neither national nor foreign, because it does not comply with the requirements of the BCRA’s organic charter.